Why Blog? Answers to Your Questions About Blogging For Your Business

Your company website is one sided. Your business portfolio offers information to potential clients, and provides them will essential information pertaining to your products or services. Blogging breaches this barrier by engaging your audience in dialogue with you, the business owner. Setting up a blog is smart business. Below are some frequently asked questions by business owners in regards to blogging.

Why is blogging good for business?
When customers visit your website, they are missing one element: the human. Blogging gives your business character, and puts a voice behind the product. You chose your field because you are passionate about what you do. Blogging allows you to share your industry knowledge with current and potential clients.

Think about the last time you started a home improvement project. You felt security in knowing that you could walk into your hardware store and talk with an expert about your project. Blogging adds that element to your online business. When you blog, provide insight into the industry’s latest news: answer questions, solve problems, and respond to customer feedback. Get to know your demographic, what their needs are, and how you can service them better.

What should be the purpose of my blog?
You know your blog is being used as a search engine optimization tool. However, you don’t need to make that obvious to your visitors and subscribers. Defining a purpose means becoming an industry leader. Your blog is your space to share information, educate, and provide helpful tips. Essential, you’re blogging useful information to help readers.

If you run a landscaping service in San Diego, offer readers tips on maintaining a garden with native plants. Teach people how to become better gardeners, and come up with do-it-yourself projects for followers to try.

Where do I host my blog?
Free blogging software is cost effective and easy to use. Look at sites like WordPress.com, or Blogger.com. Though higher end blogging software tools offer you better integration with your existing web domain, it is likely that you will find everything you need with a free site.

I started my blog, now what?
Once you start blogging, stick with it. Blogging is a marketing strategy worth investing your time in. Post at least once a week in short, detailed paragraphs. If you begin posting less often or changing your purpose, visitors will seek information elsewhere. Changing or ignoring your blog is bad for business. You must take the time to reach out to your audience and offer something fresh and unique.

Be honest with yourself. Blogging takes effort. If you cannot commit to posting at least twice a week, then blogging may not be the right marketing solution for your business. Sharing duties with others in your company is a great way to keep up with posting. Assign specific tasks and days where others will post in your blog.

How to I get traffic to my blog?
Blogging should be approached with the same SEO tactics as your website. Build quality content often. Write about fresh topics related to your niche.

Place keywords throughout your text and in your headings to attract search engine spiders. Aptly title your blog with keywords so readers can find you. Forget branding your blog. Focus on your niche rather than the name of your company.

Keep your blog personable, not personal. Maintain professionalism while inserting your voice into your writing.

Exchange links with other businesses. Link your blog to others first and then ask for reciprocal links once you establish yourself. Encourage and respond to comments. Keep an open dialogue with your audience and blog with them in mind, rather than to them.

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